Sunday, September 15, 2013

Falling for Google Cloud Print

Before my kids came along I was alway a little embarrassed for those midlife picture-snappers who clicked away at even the smallest of achievements. Don't get me wrong, I get, "The First Steps," but the need to post a video of a child's first drool was beyond me, well, at least until the first of my three kids was born - now I get it! Even the smallest of feats that each of my children performs is worth capturing, editing into some make shift montage and sending along to the relative who could never possibly appreciate the magic of the moment that was captured.

This week, while enjoying the newness of my continuously updated Chrome browser on a brand new addition to my family - the MacBook Air - I watched Chrome do something I had never seen her do, it was so exciting that I had to capture the moment and share it with the world:

This week I watched for the first time, my old clunky desktop printer, jump to life as if taking its first steps to print a document transmitted wirelessly through the internet from my MacBook air, and all because, this week I found Google Cloud Print.

It made me so giddy to realize that I could print to my nearly retired inkjet printer from my factory fresh iPhone, my iPad or any wireless laptop computer from across the room, across town or around the world, that, well, I had to make a video montage demonstrating the magic.

- Happy Printing.

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