Sunday, July 12, 2015

Customize the Look of a Google Form

If you know me, it's no secret that I dig me some Google Forms! I use them as surveys, quizzes, tickets out the door; I use them for shopping lists, organizing birthday parties and for offering appointment times to anyone who might want a piece of my time. For the past few years I have learned to set up Auto-Email Responses, Eliminate Choices upon submission and to create Choose Your Adventure style Adaptive Assessments (when a student answers a question wrong it sends them to another page to give them a stab at another set of questions).

In all my time Noodling with Google Forms, I always thought: As cool as these forms are, they ain't much to look at...Until Now. A year or so back, Google introduced new slick looking Themes! Some have curly cue fonts and others bold type face, some have headers with pictures of coffee cups and some have cute drawings of kitty cats, but what I dig most, is now, as of just recently, I can CUSTOMIZE all these options. Not only can I select a theme that I like, but I can customize that theme with fonts, colors and images that work for me!

Next time you are slapping together a Google Form, give a couple moments thought to what picture you want staring down your participants, what fonts will make your point and what background colors make the most sense for your Form!

- Happy Googling!  

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