Monday, May 30, 2016

Why Every Educator Should Present at a Conference

Education is a strange business, I know a hundred amazing teachers: these people proudly perform artful demonstrations to the daily delight of school children across the country. They capture the attention and minds of America's youth, they read the wacky and wonderful words of Dr. Seuss as if they were everyday occurrences uttered at the checkout stand. This incredible tribe of Teachers are shameless as they attempt and fail and try again for 180 days a year in front of the future leaders of the world...

However, if you ask these all-stars to speak about themselves? Ask them to describe the craft they have spent years mastering? Ask them to share a system that they have painstakingly developed and for which they should be deemed a master learner? Well, they'd be glad to share...just not typically in front of a room of adults.

So why should we face our greatest fears, set aside our self doubt and share our open resources with rooms filled with willing participants? The easy answer is: it is good for our kids. When we have to explain a process that we use daily with our children, it makes us stop and really analyze the process that we are pitching, it makes us answer the question, "why," and it forces us to document something into a slide deck or website that we have been meaning to write down for longer than we'd like to admit. I'd say, as ed-tech educators go, I am somewhat savvy with things like Google Forms, but I am 10x more confident today using tech than I was before I made my first presentation.

Step 1: Go to Twitter
Step 2: Find a Call for Presenters
Step 3: Make the leap!

If you are anywhere near Sacramento, and you would like to present on October 1, 2016 at the #CueTechfest16:

Click This Link to apply before June 8, 2016!

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